tisdag 24 maj 2011

Grímsvötn Vulkan rapport - Riktiga uppdateringar

Volcanic activity in Grímsvötn has been steady today. The ash plume now reaches 5-7 km in the air.
There has been steady ashfall South and South-West of Vatnajökull, and ash particles have been detected in other areas of the country. Flights will resume from Keflavík airport tonight. Roads are still closed in the vicinity of the eruption for safety reasons.

The eruption in Grímsvötn continues. The intensity of the eruption is less than when it reached its peak yesterday, but remains steady. The plume reached as high as 20 kilometers yesterday, but is now consistent around 10 km.

Considerable ash has fallen in southern parts of Iceland, but ash has been detected in all parts of the country, outside of the North-Western part of Iceland.

Winds are blowing from North - Northeast. Based on latest models for ash dispersion, it looks like flights can resume in and out of Keflavík later today. Icelandair, Iceland Express and Air Iceland have all scheduled flights for today.

UK Aviation officials say there is no effect on UK airspace at present, but they are "monitoring the situation closely". A spokesman for the British Met Office, which runs Europe's Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre, told BBC: "This is a very different situation to last April. The weather is much more changeable and there's a lot more uncertainty. There's no risk of the ash moving across the UK in the next day or so."

According to geophysicists at the University of Iceland, the eruption is very different from the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull last year. This eruption is projecting basaltic magma, which is rarely explosive by itself. There is melted water flowing into the crater, which causes explosions, but that should cease, which would greatly reduce the production of fine ash particles from the eruption.
We will continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates of latest developments.
The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management follows the situation closely.

There are regular updates on the volcanic eruption at Inspired by Iceland on facebook.com/inspiredbyiceland, twitter.com/icelandinspired and general news coverage on Icenews.is

Updates on flight schedules
Iceland Express
Air Iceland

Source: www.iceland.is

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